Corinne Leopold

I’m a data scientist at IBM, excited by any opportunity to tackle challenges using my machine learning, data science, and programming skills!

My passion is teaching girls how to code. Addressing the stereotypes about women’s math and science abilities at a young age, by mentoring and helping girls build confidence in their STEM skills, is a key step in getting more women in computing.

That’s why I’ve dedicated the last 4 years to co-leading computer science outreach events at schools across Indiana and Chicago. Read more below!


Purdue University   ·   Bachelor of Science   ·   Computer Science
Purdue University   ·   Bachelor of Science   ·   Statistics

Concentration: Machine Intelligence, with a strong focus on advanced algorithms, data mining, information retrieval, AI, and statistical models.

As an undergrad, I took Master’s and PhD level courses in statistical computing.



IBM   ·   Data Scientist


IBM   ·   Extreme Blue Software Engineering Intern   ·   Summer 2017
Bank of America   ·   Data Analytics Intern   ·   Summer 2016
Cisco   ·   Cyber Metrics Intern   ·   Summer 2015


Details to come soon!